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For buying auto insurance for suspended license, certain procedures need to be followed. Only an expert, who is qualified and experienced, can tell you how to approach the situation. Remember, not all companies provide car coverage to drivers whose driver licenses have been suspended for any reason. Only few insurers offer insurance to vehicle drivers during the period of license suspension.

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Car insurance for drivers with suspended license

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Procedures to be followed to obtain car insurance for suspended license

To enhance chances of getting car insurance with a suspended license at the most affordable premium within few minutes, just give us basic details in an easy to fill online request form and also mention that your driver’s license has been under suspension. Our online system will direct the information provided by you to favourable insurers within our nationwide network that specialize in providing auto insurance covers to drivers who licenses are under suspension.

Nevertheless, there could be some other special procedures that need to be followed when trying to get your car insured with a suspended driver’s license. These are as mentioned below:

  • Take a course in defensive driving form some reputed training institute
  • DApply for a temporary driver permit prior to getting your license reinstated
  • Keep your driving record clean so as to avoid policy termination and to qualify for a much lower premium later on
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In case, your driver’s license has been suspended and you have not made effort to get it reinstated then it could be imperative for you to obtain a sr22 certification from some insurance company in your state for driving car legally on road. You will be provided a specified period of time during which you may have to prove that you satisfy sr22 requirements as per state laws.

Explore various reasons for buying car insurance suspended license

Driving license could be suspended for a number of reasons and depending on the exact reason, the impact on auto insurance coverage can be different as follows:

  • If you are convicted for DUI or DWI offence, your driver’s license can get suspended
  • Driver’s license can also be suspended if you refuse to take alcohol test even if not drunk
  • Fleeing away from accident site involving your car or non-filing of police complaint during collision can attract suspension of license
  • Some other reasons for suspension of driver’s license may include excessive speeding or reckless driving practices as well as not responding to summons from court for violation of traffic rules and regulations

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