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Learn how to find cheap short term car insurance policy with just 5 simple guidelines

One can learn how to find cheap short term auto insurance quote by following few simple guidelines. It could be needless to say that short term vehicle insurance covers tend be the best options for drivers who are considering borrowing a car from their friends or relatives for a day or two as well as for college students. Usually, a student spends more time at the college during the entire year and could be at home only for few months. Hence, he may need a low cost car insurance coverage for that part of year only. Even families who have separate summer and winter homes may feel the need to get short term car covers as per their specific types of needs and requirements. But finding good companies for getting cars insured for shorter terms in the USA can be challenging and to that effect, its better if you follow certain important steps as mentioned below.

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  • First and foremost, while learning how to get cheap short term car insurance policy, it could be essential for a buyer to decide the type and amount of coverage that he wants and know requirements stipulated by his state’s driving laws. Accordingly, he can obtain multiple one year auto insurance quotes through a local agent or by using online resources and compare them in detail to identify the 2 or 3 cheapest proposals.
  • Buyer can thereafter inquire with these insurers if they can extend a feature which allows “short rate cancellation”. Some insurance providers might indicate willingness to provide car coverage for few months by charging a penalty that is 10% of the premium for the remaining months during the year.
  • Nevertheless, for someone who thinks, “How do I find cheap short term car insurance?”, before considering cancelling of a car insurance policy half way through, it could be vital to have some understanding of his state’s auto insurance cancellation rules and regulations. It is possible to get this information by double checking with the state’s vehicle insurance regulator.
  • One can also consider signing up a policy secured at the best terms and a cancellation fee that is acceptable if the cover enables him to pay premium on a monthly basis. All that a buyer needs to do is just notify the insurer that he intends to cancel the coverage in writing.
  • Buyers, who opt for paying premiums with favorable monthly payment plans and think of cancelling their annual auto insurance policies by notifying their insurers in writing, my receive a small amount of refund or a small bill but any such proposition may depend on the number of weeks left during the month as well as the short rate cancellation fee.


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